August 25, 2016

Edge of Home




EoH is an interactive mobile virtual reality (VR) experience that takes players on a tour of the international space station (ISS). Using the google cardboard headset and a mobile device, users become an astronaut above the Earth where they can see the space station all around them. Another astronaut provides information about the various modules as they move around the station.
TBA Games headed up the research and art teams during development of EoH. Their primary responsibilities were ensuring the scientific accuracy of product and creating assets for use in the final build. Asset creation included 3D modeling, uving, painting, as well as optimization of final asset (texture atlas, cleanup, etc.).

The game was developer in conjunction with NASA, Kennedy Space Center, and Delaware North. The game is available for free on the Google Play and IOS app stores and was created to accompany NASA themed cardboard headsets currently being sold in the Kennedy Space Center Gift Shop.