Guinea Pig Bridge! At Minefaire LA 2018

Hey Everyone,

it’s been awhile.

We have been super hard at work this last year on a variety of projects (most of which have been posted to the ever growing project section) and haven’t had much time to write some updates. Things are going well though and we are gearing up for the launch of our newest game: Guinea Pig Bridge!

Today we were hard at work showcasing the adorable puzzle solver to Minefaire LA’s 15,000 attendees!¬† The reception was more than we could have hoped for: everyone just loves guinea pigs (and we thought it was just us….)

Heading into day 2 at Minefaire tomorrow and looking forward to having even more people play GPB. After the conference our next goal will be setting a release date as soon as we can. Stay tuned for updates and join the Guinea pig bridge mailing list at here to be notified of the launch.


All the best,

Cameron and Erica, TBA Games

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