PeriAreion 5.0 Relaunch!

Sorry we haven’t posted in a long while, but we’ve been working extremely hard this past year to make this game better and incorporate all of the feedback we received. We have been aware of the major problems that PeriAreion has for a long time, but unfortunately we didn’t have the knowledge, skills, or time to fix many of them.

This last year we had the amazing opportunity to work on some VR apps for NASA/KSC (which, being complete space nerds, we were ecstatic about).We got that contract partly due to the research and work we did on this game (the fact that both of us rambled on endlessly about space all the time probably didn’t hurt, either). The contract finally gave us the funding and experience we desperately needed. After several months developing space station and moon-related games, we realized how much we missed Mars.

So we went back and revisited it, which was a little painful and embarrassing. But we feel like we owe it to all of you who supported us and purchased PeriAreion to finally give you the game we originally intended to make… before we realized that we kinda suck. The improvements are vast: we have overhauled every piece of art and nearly every major game system. This is the main reason why it took so long to finish this patch. We set out to change a few assets and retool some systems and basically ended up remaking the whole game. We never seemed to be at a point this year where we could release what we had.

The game is still far from perfect. We want to do so much more (a landmark discovery/naming system, custom base building/placement, colonist customization, etc.) but we are still only two people living off of second jobs and cheap noodles. We will, however, continue to support for as long as we can, as long as even a couple of people are still playing the game.

PeriAreion is important to us because it was our first game and how we got our start. It’s important because our purpose, as a team and as individuals, is to promote science and space exploration. We hope that it has achieved that in some small way and invite you all to give it another go. Please send us feedback at and we’ll try to personally respond to whatever comments, concerns, or suggestions you might have.

Thanks for playing our game, and see you on (a slightly more realistic-looking) Mars!

All the best,
Cameron and Erica
(The PeriAreion Development Team)

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