Pet Rock 2 Released for IOS

Hi everyone,

The TBA Games Development Team is proud to announce the IOS port of Pet Rock 2! It is now available on the Apple App store for all iPhone and iPad devices!

In addition to the IOS port, we have done a massive update that is now live on google play as well. We listened to feedback and comments and tried to address each one in this new update. The biggest new feature is that you can now save and load planets. so if you get a real cool looking world with green seas and purple vegetation you can now save it and show it off anytime you want!

Additionally all the art of the game got an overhaul. more continent types have been added as well as dynamic water/city/vegetation growth. This means water will grow over the planet starting from low altitude areas to higher. Cities and vegetation will grow outward from water sources as well depending on your climate. This makes for some fantastic and unique planet combinations.

The game’s HUD has been simplified and a new hint system for creating a planet with population has been added. Gameplay has been tweaked (The “Coronal Mass Ejection” event will now burn off a small amount of atmosphere, atmosphere no longer scales with carbon, etc.) and new balancing added.

So for all those exoplanet fans out there, enjoy the new Pet Rock 2!



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