PeriAreion Delays and Studio Move

Greetings Mars Fans,

First we would like to apologize for not releasing the new PeriAreion patch yet. We worked nonstop with several 24 hour crunches to get everything complete by the end of June but missed the mark. The reason we missed our deadline and haven’t been able to continue work on the patch yet are one in the same: the studio has moved from Orlando, FL to Los Angeles, CA!

The move was quite stressful and our work definitely took a hit but we are finally settled into a new place here in California and have begun work on the patch once again. Our plan is still to finish the art overhaul as quickly as we can and then move onto the HUD and gameplay updates. We are going to make as much progress as we can this next week and see where we are at with the art update. So please stay tuned and we will get another update out as soon as possible!



Developer TBA Games

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