PeriAreion Update Progress

Greetings Mars fans!

We just wanted to give a quick update on the status of the latest (and greatest) PeriAreion patch!

This is going to be our biggest patch yet, overhauling key gameplay mechanics, implementing a new HUD, and updating almost all the art of the game. The main reason we are doing this is that the skills of our team have grown tremendously over the last few months and it only felt right to put in the time to use some of these abilities to improve our first and favorite game.

Here are some improvements we have been making:

Every model in the game is getting a shiny new coat of paint.








3D Modeling
While every module is being repainted, some are getting entirely new model designs.







2D Art
Besides the new HUD, the colonist art is also being touched up








Most importantly we are making gameplay changes to address feedback and hopefully make everything a little more intuitive







We will be posting more about the changes (especially the gameplay ones) as we get closer to the release of the patch. We have had to move the launch back about two weeks due to work running over on another project but we expect to have the patch done by the end of June. As always we are VERY excited to release this update but we want to take our time and make sure that it is properly tested and polished.

We will keep you posted!

PeriAreion Development Team

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