PeriAreion Patch Notes 4.0.0

Greetings Mars Fans!

We are giving PeriAreion some much needed attention this week and wanted to keep you updated. The list of new features will grow as we work!

New Features:

Colonist Overhaul: Colonists are getting a new look! We have created a new model to better reflect the menu screen suits. Additionally, we are adding a wide variety of new animations from building a module, mining resources, taking data, and more!

Colonist Movement System Fixes: We are creating new overlaying terrain navigation meshes to fix the issues surrounding colonist movement. Our hope is that colonists will no longer get stuck on terrain. Additionally, we are working on fixing the raycasting system so that you should be able to click and navigate terrain while the camera is inside of a rock face.


More to come!



PeriAreion Development Team

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