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Guinea Pig Bridge!

The upcoming mobile game about guinea pigs….and bridges! Available July 18th on iOS and Android devices!

Go to Edge of Home

Edge of Home

Edge of Home (EoH) is an interactive mobile virtual reality experience developed in conjunction with the Chronosapien team and Phyken Media out of the Orlando Gamespace. The game was developed under contract of Delaware North for distribution in the Kennedy Space Center Gift shop.

Go to Legends of Learning

Legends of Learning

Legends of Learning is an educational games platform for web that hosts a variety of small games meant to teach different science topics. TBA games developed two games for the platform: Missing Links and Digest-o-matic!

Go to KSC 360

KSC 360

KSC 360 is an interactive virtual reality experience developed for the Kennedy Space Center.

Go to PeriAreion


PeriAreion is the original project of TBA Games. A realistic 3D Mars Colonization/Survival game, PeriAreion completed a successful kickstarter in april of 2014 earning 207% of the original target funding goal. Currently PeriAreion is available on Steam for purchase.

Go to Eva Kor

Eva Kor

Eva Kor is an app designed and developed by TBA Games to help promote the Candles Holocaust Museum. Additionally the app provides a way to host lectures and talks by Eva Kor, a Holocaust survivor.

Go to Pet Rock

Pet Rock

Planetary simulator app currently available for free on the android market. By adjusting the parameters of the planet’s orbit and its elemental composition players can control how the planet grows and evolves.


TBA Games is a cross-platform media company focused on making innovative science-fiction games, apps, and entertainment—with an emphasis on the science. Co-founders Erica Holcomb and Cameron Bolinger started TBA Games with the help of Joseph Arcidiacono for the purpose of promoting public awareness of science through well-researched and well-crafted entertainment.


Erica Holcomb

Erica, producer and lead designer, has a bachelor of arts in music from Edinburgh Napier University in 2011 as well as a master of science in Game Design from Full Sail University.

Cameron Bolinger

Technical Lead
Cameron, lead programmer, has a degree in mathematics and physics from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. He also has a master’s degree in Game Design from Full Sail University.

Joseph Arcidiacono

Marketing / QA
Joseph is one of the co-founders of TBA Games. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Purdue University and master’s degree in Game Design from Full Sail University.

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